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NOW GR is a 501(c)4 tax-exempt organization, and as such donations to NOW GR are NOT tax deductable.


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Your gift will help support NOW GR’s work to normalize feminism in Grand Rapids! We work on a tight budget to foster feminist leadership, provide resources and trainings to activists, and build a voice for progressive values in our city!

Through building a feminist movement, we hope to see an end to sexism, racism, violence, and economic inequality in our community.
NOW GR will use your entire donation to further feminist programming, events, and outreach in 2015!


Here are all the services NOW GR provides every year

  • Support for local & state-level feminist candidates and elected officials
    We build relationship with our candidates and elected officials to help ensure that feminist policies can survive locally and at the state level!
  • Civic Engagement
    We focus on inspiring all people, particularly young people, to be engaged citizens and participate in the political process.
  • Educational Trainings
    All of our trainings are free or low-cost and cover a variety of mission-driven topics! Wehost 6-10 trainings per year.
  • Leadership Development
    We work closely with our budding activists to develop new leaders and provide resources to those who want to make a difference in their communities.
  • Fundraising with a Purpose
    Our annual Then & NOW Fundraiser, as well as a few smaller endeavors, are always educational & have brought in many activists to the feminist movement.
  • Website, Social Media and Blog Posts
    NOW GR volunteers maintain an amazing website, Facebook, and Twitter. We post 3-5 articles every month on a variety of subjects to educate our supporters.

If you have any questions about your donation or how we will be using your gift, please contact our Fundraising Chair, Jenny, at [email protected]