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NOWGR Voter’s Guide November 8th

NOWGR Voter’s Guide November 8th President of the United States Dem: Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine Endorsed by National Organization for Women https://www.hillaryclinton.com/   76th District State Representative  Dem: Winnie Brinks Endorsed by Michigan National Organization for Women...

I’m With Her

I’m With Her NOWGR Contributor: Laura Howard I’m seventeen and won’t be eligible to vote this coming November, but the importance of this election is in no way lost on me, as it shouldn’t be for anyone else, of age or otherwise. As I sit writing this piece I’m...

Michigan Primary Election Information August 2nd

Michigan Primary Election Information August 2nd Preview your ballot here.  To find your polling location or to check if you are registered to vote, click here. Addresses for the polling stations in Kent County, click here. All Candidates and Proposals in Kent County, click here.  Polling Locations are open on...
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